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College Testing SAT and ACT

  While SAT/ACT testing requirements may be waived for some institutions, many colleges and universities are using these scores to determine math placement. Be sure to prepare properly for these exams.  
SAT/ACT/ Registration Deadlines - 2023-2024 dates

SAT/ACT Comparison Chart: Use this chart to compare your scores between the SAT and ACT   How many times should I take the ACT and SAT?  From the Princeton Review, "We recommend that you plan to take the ACT and/or SAT 1–3 times. Once you get the score you want, there’s no reason to take it again."        
 Colleges may superscore, so taking it more than once will give you the best potential for a higher score      
Scholarship money increases at many colleges as you submit higher scores    
Admissions opportunities increase as you submit higher scores  
SAT: Khan Academy