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Board of Education Halts Redistricting Plans

The Board of Education Halts Redistricting Plans


During the October 17, 2023, Board Work Session, the Board of Education voted 7-0 to stop plans for redistricting based on the scenarios and revisions presented by Mr. Miller of Numerix, LLC.

The Board of Education visited the idea of redistricting to evaluate the best utilization of all facilities and to examine if any buildings that are currently being under-utilized could potentially be repurposed.


With the student data from 2022-2023, data on where families currently reside, and criteria established by the Board of Education Numerix provided four different scenarios creating school assignment shifts throughout the district.


Based on these projections, the Board of Education felt none of these scenarios were in the best interest of the district and decided that it would be best to reevaluate the reassignment process where families can request, due to a hardship, to have their child attend another school outside of their assigned school. There are currently 689 students on reassignment, making it challenging to plan for staffing needs and identify schools over capacity.


As the Board of Education reviews the reassignment process, any revisions will be shared with all families so they are aware of the changes.