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It's time to Register ONLINE for Kindergarten

It’s Time to Register ONLINE for Kindergarten

By: Jennifer Wagner, Director of Public Relations and Communication

 It is time to welcome our newest learners to Craven County Schools! The kindergarten class of 2021-2022 will graduate in the school year 2033-2034.  These children, who will have turned 5 on or before August 31, 2021, are the future.  Jobs available to them when they graduate have not even been imagined yet.  It is our responsibility to ensure they are as prepared as possible so let’s get ready, get set, and go!

Craven County Schools is offering online registration this spring to meet our families’ needs, so our new students are ready to begin school in August. With this new process a parent/guardian is able to complete the required paperwork and upload any necessary documentation.  Documents such as a certified birth certificate, proof of current residential address (ex. Electric bill), picture ID, the child’s immunization records, and a current health assessment form will be requested by the school in which the child will be enrolling. 

Kindergarten teachers and elementary school principals will be available to share information virtually with parents about the kindergarten experience.  Parents also learn strategies on how they can be sure their child is as prepared and ready for school.  These ideas for kindergarten prep include the following:  talk to them, read to them, give them responsibilities, and establish a routine.  On the academic side, students-to-be should practice writing their name and knowing the letters, cutting on a line, holding a pencil correctly, and being independent. 

We look forward to enrolling our future Kindergarten students! If parents have any questions about kindergarten, we encourage all to contact the principal at their child’s new school. To register online please visit:  the school district website at and on the homepage click on the student registration icon. This icon is also available on each school’s homepage.