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As Clubs expand James W. Smith teachers want to Lead

On February 26, 2020, the Craven County Board of Education and James W. Smith Elementary School (JWS) spotlighted a few teachers that shared their interest in advising a club before school ended last year. The entire staff was invited to participate in the second day of Summer Leadership in July.  Clubs expanded into many teachers wanting to lead a club.  They faced many obstacles but persevered through the process.  The school expanded from two student clubs last year to ten this year.  Facilitating a club along with being a classroom teacher has given teachers an opportunity to train students at different ages and grade levels on how to grow as a leader, collaborate outside of their age/grade, practice self-control, develop interest outside and beyond the scope of academics.

As a school, the vision for JWS is to “Soar out of the nest above the rest.”  JWS Clubs is one of many key strategies that promotes students to serve as good citizens of their classroom, community, and beyond the walls of JWS.  The club advisors should be very proud of their efforts to build, encourage, mentor, and teach club members strong leadership skills that will serve them throughout their life.  

Last, the newest Club for teachers this year is the “Old Crows Club.”  This club was developed because of a need for teachers moving to another grade.  It was voiced that while they were not new to teaching, they were new to the grade level and would greatly appreciate support.  Ashley Cleland graciously accepted and coined the club name.  Mrs. Cleland has not taken this role lightly and does not only meet once a month, she takes questions regarding schoolnet, EVAAS, best practices, etc. whenever they arise.


Congratulations to the JWS Club Advisors:

Art: Nancy Pantoja, Battle of the Books:  Jennifer Michener, Coding:  Tiffany McCoy & Laura Wilson, Cooking:  Aimee Reeves & Shannda Smith, Dance:  Ashley Adams & Kelsey Gamel, Gardening:  Robyn Toler, Music:  Cheyenne Story, Old Crows Club:  Ashley Cleland