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Biology Team of Educators get recognized as High Performing Professionals

PLC On November 13, 2019, the Craven County Board of Education and Havelock High School recognized the High Performing Professional Learning Community (PLC) led by the Biology Team consisting of educators Ron Thomas, Erin Lembke, and Tina Martin. 

 A crucial component of a high performing PLC is that the members are never satisfied with their current level of success.  The members of the Biology PLC are continuously working towards improvement.  In order to continue to grow student achievement, they are willing to embrace their roles as learners.  Their desire to learn and continually improve can be seen through their common planning and assessments as well as their willingness to look outside their own circle of influence for answers and insight.  By being active listeners and learners themselves, they are setting the stage for success for their students.   Congratulations Ron Thomas, Erin Lembke, and Tina Martin your hard work and dedication towards improving student achievement is very much appreciated.