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EAGLE Scout Service Project Helps ECE

Service Leadership in Action at ECE

Allan Quinn, Early College EAST(ECE) Principal

Isaiah with the basketball goal Early College Eastern Applied Science and Technology (EAST) High School was approached by one of their 10th-grade students, Isaiah Bosse with a request for his Eagle Scout project.  The proposed project was to improve the school basketball court by enlarging the concrete pad, installing lines on the court, and installing a new basketball goal. After approval, he set out doing fundraisers to fund the project and coordinated the installation of the concrete, basketball goal and lines on the court as well as a new basketball and pump.  The project was to benefit the whole school and provide for a more conducive place to conduct many outdoor activities to include half-court basketball.  He has since contacted the school to provide a new storage locker for our outside equipment with money left over from the project.

Mr. Isaiah Bosse serves as a prime example of how the school and community can come together to improve the quality of school life for all students.  Job well done.