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Creekside incorporates Marzano Strategies

On May 29, 2019, the Craven County Board of Education and Creekside Elementary School recognized Monica Ellis and Tiffany Pugh because of the leadership in their classrooms as well as their willingness to help others grow professionally.

Mrs. Ellis and Mrs. Pugh are attending the Strategies for Success, a cohort group of teacher leaders in the district.  They incorporate Marzano strategies, best practices and teacher reflection in their instruction and classroom practices.  They seek opportunities to lead professional growth activities in the school.   Mrs. Ellis has led several technology professional development classes.  Mrs. Pugh demonstrates her leadership skills by serving on the School Cabinet.  Both teachers actively collaborate with school personnel on school improvement activities that will lead to student growth and academic achievement through maintaining a positive and nurturing learning environment in their classrooms and throughout our school. Thank you to both of these educators for contributing to the professional growth of all at Creekside Elementary School.