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J.T. Barber spotlights Exceptional Childrens Teachers

On May 8, 2019, the Craven County Board of Education and J.T. Barber Elementary School recognized their Exceptional Children’s Teachers Stacie Dimattia and Rodnisha Minor for Craven County Board Spotlight.  Mrs. Dimattia and Ms. Minor are truly exceptional in every facet of their profession and provide high quality instruction to ALL of their students.

Mrs. Dimattia is a veteran teacher with a wealth of experience that she shares willingly and enthusiastically with all of her colleagues. She ensures all of her students meet and exceed their individual educational goals. She creates strong relationships with her students, families, and colleagues. Mrs. Dimattia works tirelessly to provide an optimal educational environment for student learning. In addition, Mrs. Dimattia does an exceptional job in meeting all legislative requirements of the creation, documentation and implementation of Individual Education Plans for all of her students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Mrs. Dimattia serves many roles in the school and demonstrates strong work ethic, organizational skills, and takes the initiative to help our students excel. She is an active member of the MTSS Team, School Leadership Team, True School Team and is a mentor to Ms. Minor. 

Ms. Minor is a beginning Teacher that brings with her to the profession fresh and energetic ideas and activities to engage her students and assist them in progressing, meeting and exceeding their individual educational goals. She creates strong collaborative relationships with her students, their families, and colleagues serving her students. She takes initiative to gather information from specialists to ensure she has best practices in place for her students to demonstrate success. She has fostered strong relationships with her teacher assistant and district behavior specialist representatives. Ms. Minor’s lessons promote student engagement and her students are often observed with high levels of excitement of the skills they are mastering. Ms. Minor serves as an active member and the school’s representative on the PIE board of Craven County.

As a team these two ladies make a most effective and impactful team. They are often found collaborating and supporting one another to create unique learning experiences, lesson plans and refining processes for all of their students to be successful in all academic and behavior areas. They work together to ensure all obligations and requirements are being met in regard to the individual education plan of their students. Their positive attitudes, initiative and encouragement filters out to ALL of the students and staff at J.T. Barber Elementary School.