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Leading in Growth

On April 10, 2019, the Craven County Board of Education and Vanceboro Farm Life Elementary spotlighted two special educators for leading in their own or others Professional Growth, Ms. Gwendolyn Morris and Ms. Melissa Dahms.

 Gwendolyn Morris, through her constant support and dedication, she has nurtured and coached countless beginning teachers; a true epitome of a mentor.  She is an attentive listener, makes you feel heard and helps you understand your “why” as an educator.  Her ability to patiently explain standards and how to specifically teach them to students is remarkable to witness.  She is nurturing but honest and provides new teachers with her insights but gives them room to grow, adapt and personalize their own teaching.  Her own needs are always put second and she is willing to drop anything to help a teacher feel successful and grow as an educator.  Through effective modeling and one on one support, she goes above and beyond to help beginning teachers reach their full potential.

Melissa Dahms has served as team lead for her PLC for several years.  This year in particular she has worked diligently to give her team voice and equity through the use of SRI protocols.  Melissa is the ultimate team play and leader.  She truly sees and understands the role of service.  Service to her students, service to her team, service her school, and service to our families and school community.  

Congratulations to both of these wonderful teachers and thank you for all of your contributions to Vanceboro Farm Life Elementary School.