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Vanceboro Farm Life spotlights PLC Team

On April 10, 2019, the Craven County Board of Education and Vanceboro Farm Life Elementary spotlighted a hardworking team for their commitment to professional development. This high performing professional learning community (PLC) consists of the following members: Mayline Outlaw, Melissa Dahms, Toni Morris, Rachel Roccuzzo, Glacier Singleton, Rhonda Wetherington, Sandy Fernandez, Ciara DiNapoli, and Kelly Everett.

As is true of any thriving organization, the backbone and foundation must be strong and provide support in order to have continued and sustained growth.  Vanceboro Farm Life Elementary School’s Leadership Team is comprised of teacher leaders who take pride in their profession and personify standards of excellence within education. These educators are true agents of change, they provide support through exemplar best practices and conscientious thought.  They each have diligently worked to increase both their leadership capacity and the capacity of the teams they support.  They have worked hard to reimagine their PLCs by working with both DuFour’s PLC design plan and Covey’s Leadership model.  

This group’s work has directly impacted the changes taking place on our campus. Congratulations and we applaud you for your commitment to excellence.