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W.J. Gurganus celebrates entire staff

On March 6, 2019 the Craven County Board of Education conducted a very deserving spotlight recognition for the entire staff of W.J. Gurganus Elementary School (WJG).  In October of 2018, W.J. Gurganus Elementary was awarded the National Blue Ribbon Award for Academic Excellence.  WJG was one of 7 schools in North Carolina to receive the award and one of 325 schools in the nation to receive the award for the 2018 year.  The staff of WJG is very deserving of this award on many different levels.  They are dedicated to ensuring that all students, regardless of social-economic background, ethnicity, and level-of-learning, meet with academic and social success.  All members of the WJG staff work together to create a positive and engaging environment for all students.  The staff along with countless parent volunteers and marines from the MAC-2 Squadron, help students thrive to meet success both in and out of the classroom.  Classroom teachers and assistants provide additional academic support such as early morning tutoring and afterschool tutoring.  Teachers in the upper grades encourage their students to work with younger students to help build their foundation in reading and math.  Students are encouraged by staff members to be role models and ambassadors for all those they come in contact with.

The staff works diligently to keep up on current research trends that allow students to grow in both their thinking and in their actions.  Lessons are planned to be engaging and meaningful to all students.  Some staff members arrive early in the morning and some stay late in the evening to ensure that preparations for student learning is completed for the upcoming day. Teachers work consistently to ensure that parents are kept aware of student progress and are included in their child’s educational journey. 

 There are many other reasons why the staff of WJG is deserving of the National Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence, but none are more apparent than their love and dedication they give every day to their students through their actions, their show of compassion, and their desire for all students to be successful.