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Arthur W. Edwards spotlights third grade team

On January 23, 2019 the Craven County Board of Education and Arthur W. Edwards Elementary spotlighted the third-grade team that continues to work as a professional learning community (PLC).  The third-grade team is made up of 6 team members: Myra Cook, Maryjo Whitfield, Heather Santos, Michele Etters, Kelsey Bellaw and Geri Gares.  With the added responsibilities of Read to Achieve and this year the implementation of the new ELA curriculum, Open Up, they have had to work, grow, and learn together to accomplish their goals.

 Unfortunately, because of the increase in classes a few years ago, with redistricting, the third-grade team is not all in the same location.  They are broken into pairs and located on three different halls in the school.  This takes close communication and collaboration to be able to plan and stay on task effectively.

 This year with Hurricane Florence this team was also impacted.  Three of the six team members were displaced and/or were evacuated by boat during the hurricane.  They have worked together to maintain a family feeling and built a strong professional learning community where everyone’s thoughts and ideas have value and are encouraged.  

 The third-grade team works and plans additional days during the week in addition to the two days designated during the week.  They divide the responsibilities throughout the team in pairs so that no one person has all the duties. They are particularly focused on data analysis from the PLC rubric.

 They work very hard to identify students that are struggling before they fall and provide additional instruction.  Students that have mastered the content are provided opportunities to delve deeper in the curriculum. Both remediation and enrichment are done daily during SWAP (Students Working at Potential).  They persevere on a daily basis to be a cohesive and productive team.