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A.H. Bangert recognizes Mrs. Williamson

On January 16, 2019 the Craven County Board of Education and A.H. Bangert Elementary School (AHB) spotlighted a teacher who has grown immensely in the area of innovative teaching and learning, and she has taken the students and staff along with her as she has grown. As the media coordinator she has fully embraced her new role as a digital leader in the school and as a result the school has benefitted. Mrs. Williamson has taken the initiative to increase her professional growth and to share it with others. She is not only sharing at the school, but she is sharing with other media coordinators as she acts as a mentor. Mrs. Williamson works tirelessly to learn more about technology and how it can be used in innovative ways.

  Through Mrs. Williamson the students at AHB are being introduced to Makerspace and how to collaboratively work and explore in a high-tech and in a low-tech environment. She has trained the teacher assistants in the use of Makerspace so that the concept can be shared with all students. She has also introduced the use of a 3-D printer to the school – first through borrowing it from Ben D. Quinn Elementary and now in the works to purchase one for Bangert.

 Mrs. Williamson builds the leadership capacity of the students as they become “library” helpers and learn how to take care of the media center. As the Battle of the Books coach she sparks the excitement of Bangert’s eager readers and pushes them to excel in reading.

  Mrs. Williamson has created a library that is user friendly and inviting. The students at Bangert love to visit the library and spend time there. The staff and students are grateful for the contributions of Mrs. Williamson, and we are pleased to be able to recognize her efforts.