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A.H. Bangert spotlights PLC

On January 16, 2019 the Craven County Board of Education and A.H. Bangert Elementary School spotlighted the first-grade team as a high performing professional learning community (PLC).  As a team they consistently exceed expected growth by double digits.  They do this collaboratively by designing differentiated work that pushes all of their students to grow.  The team takes advantage of each-other’s strengths as educators to produce lesson that are rigorous and meet the needs of their students.  They work closely with the different specialists in the school to provide interventions, and this year they designed interventions for their grade level in a unique way to meet the needs that they found.  The team uses protocols to facilitate their PLCs and to solve problems as they examine student achievement data points and strategically plan to move their students forward. 

 The first-grade team shares the responsibility for their tasks and all of their students.  The team frequently combines their students into different groups and produces grade level projects that cause their students to learn in new and innovative ways.  Their students use digital tools to create and learn, and the students work as collaborative teams on a daily basis.  Because of the work of this team in their PLCs, the first graders at Bangert are involved in producing commercials to sell products that they have made, researching, creating presentations, and participating in specifically designed interventions. 

 These teachers support one another, their students, and the rest of the school as they develop and share strategies for learning that surpass expectations.  They are a great example of a high performing professional learning community. Congratulations to Jennifer Becton, Karina Romanelli, Sara Doutt and Stacy Cooper.