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The Board of Education Spotlights Heather Montero

On December 5, 2018, the Craven County Board of Education and Grover C. Fields Middle School (GCF) spotlighted Mrs. Montero, Digital Media Coordinator for being a teacher leading in their own or others professional growth.  Under Mrs. Montero’s leadership there has been an amazing transformation in the GCF Media Center, which the school refers to as their Learning Commons. Students work collaboratively with her to make the space user friendly. They have worked to reorganize the books by genre to make student selections easier. She has written grants and Donors’ Choose requests to create reading nooks and obtain more titles based on student input. Mrs. Montero has scheduled virtual field trips for students to experience real world situations while sitting in school. She hosts Makey-Makey challenges for students, leads a mindfulness group before school, and works collaboratively with teachers to provide interactive lessons using technology and 21st Century Skills. She is constantly searching for ways to make learning meaningful and to create deeper connections which lead to increased student retention and comprehension. The staff and students are grateful for her contributions and we are pleased to be able to recognize her efforts.