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Information on Learning During Isolation At Home

Information for Parents Regarding Learning While Students are Isolated at Home Due to COVID

Students will have access to classwork and assignments while at home. The Superintendent has shared the following expectations with all school leaders and educators. 
  • Teachers will have all assignments and playlists uploaded and current in the learning management system.
  • The teacher(s) will proactively communicate with students and parents when a student is quarantined starting at the beginning of the quarantine window.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the teacher. The expectation is that all phone calls/emails are returned within 24 hours. 
Instructional Delivery 
Teachers shall deliver instruction in one or more of the following formats for quarantined students:
  • Schedule office hours during which students can contact the teacher for instructional assistance. These hours should be shared with students/parents and posted on the teacher’s website.
  •  Record lessons and upload them to the learning management system for students to view.
  • Offer the option for students to zoom into their assigned class period during which time the teacher continues to teach to the students in a face-to-face environment.

If your child needs assistance during isolation, please reach out directly to the teacher(s) to assist during this time.  We understand having to learn while at home is not the best situation, but we want to provide the best learning options so your child does not get behind in their classwork.