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Read to Achieve

North Carolina’s READ TO ACHIEVE

Craven County Schools has always emphasized the importance of students learning to read and strengthening their reading skills through practice.  No matter what the subject, reading is the foundation for all learning to be successful in school and life!

North Carolina state law requires that third graders who are not reading at a proficient level on the end-of-grade test be given extra attention.  You will notice a big focus on reading and on learning math skills and facts that your child will need in fourth grade and even in middle school and high school.

In the fall of third grade, your child will be given a beginning-of-grade (BOG) standardized test to see how they are reading. At the end of third grade, your child will take end-of-grade tests in reading and in mathematics. These tests will tell you and your child’s teacher and principal if your child has learned the basic skills that he or she needs in order to do well in fourth grade. More details about this requirement will be provided to you at your child’s school.

 Here are some ideas on how you can help your child become a better reader!

–  Set aside time for your child to read every day and/or for you to read to your child.

– Visit the local public library and check out books. This is a free service in most counties.

–  Some local school districts open school libraries on special days in the summer. If you can, take your child to library day at your school to check out books.

–  Talk to your child and encourage your child to talk about the things that interest him or her.

–  If your child enjoys writing or drawing, encourage them to write and draw.

–  Help your child get restful sleep.

–  Talk to your child about all the fun and exciting things he or she will be learning in school.

–  Ask your child’s teacher about additional reading resources.


Director of Elementary Education

Jason Griffin


Jason Griffin
p: 252-514-6374



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