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District Concern Process

District Concern Process

The district has developed and implemented effective strategies to listen to our stakeholders. This includes gathering information when receiving concerns voiced by students, parents, staff, and the community. The purpose of receiving concerns is to reduce potential areas of complaints and to establish and maintain recognized channels of communication and accountability.

A “district concern” is a matter of interest or importance presented at the district-level for resolution. Certain types of concerns, such as parental issues with the curriculum and disciplinary consequences are treated with specific policies that outline the process for resolution. See Board Policy 1742/5060 Responding to Concerns

It is always recommended when submitting a concern to start with the individual closest to the work. The district or the board will refer persons with a concern through the proper administrative process of accountability as follows:

  1. Teacher or employee;
  2. Principal or supervisor;
  3. Appropriate Central Office administrator;
  4. Superintendent;
  5. Board.

Each concern will be referred through the proper administrative process for resolving as outlined above, for a possible resolution or additional information. 

Once a concern is received by the appropriate central office staff member or the Board of Education, it will be documented so any possible trends and/or patterns can be identified. The resolution and possible action taken will also be noted on the form. 

It is the goal of the school system to address all concerns as we work closely with all of our stakeholders, as partners, in fulfilling our mission and vision for all students to be successful.

The flowchart of the concern process is as follows: