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iPad Device Q&A

Can a parent turn off the microphone or camera at home?
Yes, parents can turn off the microphone or camera.

Can students change the wallpaper or lock screen?
No, students can not change either.

Can the parent provide their own case or screen protector?
Right now, parents can not provide their own cases.  The district has purchased rugged cases for students covered by Apple Care.

Can students download their own apps?
No, the district controls the App Bank.  However, students can download approved apps from the Mosyle Manager app.

If the parent does not think the case provided is enough to protect the device, can the parent purchase a better case?
No.  At this time, all devices will come with the Craven County-issued case and that case is not to be altered or changed, or removed from the device.

If a student has an iPad at home, can they log into their school UID and access an educational app that they have been using at school?
No, they would need to use their personal iCloud account to add the app to any personal device.

If students can download music, will they be able to use and pay for iTunes, or is this blocked?
iTunes is blocked for all students.

Will parents be informed of which Apps will be on the iPad?
Yes, parents can view the App list on this site by visiting here.

Who pays for the charging cable and what if that cable is damaged?
All devices will be issued with a cord and a power charger which will need to be returned at check-in time. If the cable is damaged, then it is the student/parent's responsibility to pay for a new one.

What happens if you are unable to pay if a repair is needed?
Please contact your school administrator to discuss this matter further.

Will students know the iPad passcode?
There is no iPad passcode, it has been disabled by the district Mobile Device Management program Mosyle. 

Guided Access can be set up through the Accessibility features and then the parent decides on the Guided Access password.  This password is not the same as the iPad lock screen passcode.

Wouldn't it be giving too much information by showing the student's name on the locked device?
No. All devices are named using a specific district format. No information seen on the lock screen could affect student safety.