• 7th Grade Teachers


    Cybill Cunningmhan- ELA  

    Bob Sabdo- Math

    Mary Sackie- Math

    Brandon Casebolt- Science


    Jacqueine Perez- Science  

    Kyle White- Social Studies

    Gwen Thurston- ELA

    Anna Wethington- Social Studies


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    On May 11, 2018! 

    The 7th graders will also be exploring the North Carolina Museum of History and the State Capitol in addition to visiting the North Carolina Natural Science Museum. At one of the most popular History exhibits, the World War I exhibit, students will experience what it was like to step into the boots of a Tar Heel soldier in 1917. This exhibit focuses on North Carolina’s role in the War to End All Wars and its citizens’ contributions to the war effort.

    Other popular exhibits include the History of Harvest, and The Story of North Carolina. The History of Harvest museum makes connections between North Carolina's Agricultural past and today's cutting edge farming techniques. The story of North Carolina takes you on a journey of 14,000 years of our great state’s history.

    Another popular exhibit, NC Sports Hall of Fame, contains more than 200 items representing 319 Tar Heel sports stars, including those of Dean Smith who fought for civil rights, Michael Jordan and nascar legend Richard Petty.

    The North Carolina State Capitol has remained virtually unchanged in appearance since its completion in 1840 and is recognized as one of the finest examples of Greek Revival civic architecture still standing in America. Inside the capitol, is the original 1840 legislative furniture, constructed by a local cabinet maker. Many political and social events have taken place in these chambers including the Secession Convention of 1861.


    Field Trip Message 1 

    The 7th grade teachers are planning a field trip to North Carolina Natural Science Museum early this spring. There are two main centers to visit, the Nature Exploration Center and the Nature Research Center, at the largest natural history museum in the Southeast.  

    At the Nature Exploration Center, students will explore the wonderful exhibits and learn about North Carolina’s diverse and beautiful natural habitats and inhabitants, from the Appalachian Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. Did you know that NC was home to the first gold rush in the US? Or that North Carolina is the only state where all four major gemstones—emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds—have been uncovered? At the Nature Research Center, students will observe live, scientific demonstrations and participate in hands on activities. They will learn the practical applications of science in their daily lives.

    Dates and field trip fees information will be forthcoming. Parents are encouraged to chaperone.


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