• THE H. J. MacDonald Middle School Improvement Team is the leadership body of our school that monitors the School Improvement Goals and continually works to improve the outcomes for the students and staff of H. J. MacDonald. On the right, the goal work of the School Improvement Team is documented and updated twice a month when the School Improvement team meets to reveiw the strategies, actions, and results of our work. The assurance page documents the compliance with North Carolina's General Statute with respect to School Improvement Planning. 

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2021-2022 H. J. MacDonald Middle School Improvement Plan

  • H. J. MacDonald School Improvement Plan

    School Improvement Team Meeting Schedule

    • September 8 (cancelled)
    • September 16
    • October 5
    • October 21
    • November 2
    • November 18
    • December 7
    • December 16
    • January 11
    • January 20
    • February 1
    • February 17
    • March 1
    • March 17
    • April 12
    • April 21
    • May 3
    • May 19

    School Improvement Team Members

    Pamie Reese

    Christy Hazlett

    Josey Thompson

    Arnita Morris

    Joshua Boyd

    Lydia Matthews

    Amanda Whitford

    Myron Gavin

    Jordan Alsbrook

    Rachel DeBerry

    Katherine Muse (Parent representative)