• Information Systems and Accountability

    The Information Systems and Accountability Department is responsible for the administration of testing (including federal, state, and local assessments), the collection of academic and non-academic data for accountability purposes, and overseeing the student information.


    To ensure the staff, parents, and students of Craven County Schools have the necessary data and information to improve their work and lives.


    To provide a supportive environment for all stakeholders of Craven County Schools through outstanding customer service that is reliable, efficient, collaborative, and demonstrates expert knowledge around student accountability and student information.


    Areas of Responsibility

    • Information Systems and Accountability - Directs and implements processes for accountability data collections, generates and provides preliminary test results, coordinates all state tests, delivers test and accountability training and provides support and resources to School Test Coordinators and other district and school staff.  

    RTA Results

    2020-2021 Grade 1 and 2 District Results

    2020-2021 Grade 3 District Results