• Roadmap to Re-Open

    The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has released guidance to school districts for reopening school buildings. This information provides safety protocols and requirements which help establish a path towards reopening public schools. Under direction from the NC General Assembly, Craven County Schools is responsible for establishing and submitting a Remote Learning Plan for the upcoming school year.
    The Roadmap to Re-Open Plan must include 3 options for our students and families:
    • Plan A - Minimal Social Distancing: This plan allows for most students to attend school on a school campus. All campuses are operating under enhanced health and social distancing protocols. 
    • Plan B - Blending Learning: In this plan, schools must reduce the number of people in the building to at least half. This means that some students will be learning from home and some will be on a school campus. All campuses are operating under enhanced health and social distancing protocols. 
    • Plan C - Remote Learning Only: In this plan, all students are learning from home. There are no students or employees on school campuses.

    Based on public health data, state and/or local health officials will determine under which plan we operate. We anticipate that health officials will require us to shift plans throughout the school year, in response to our community’s public health needs. 

    On July 14, 2020, Governor Cooper announced that all public schools should open under the guidance of Plan B with the option for local school boards to offer Plan C (Remote Learning Only). This announcement included updates from the NC Department of Health and Human Services to the current safety protocols and we will now look into those impacts.
    Craven County Schools created four options under Plan B  for learning based on the requirements and recommendations from the CDC on reopening schools. 
    The Board of Education took action at their July 16th Board of Education Meeting and approved Plan B Option #3 and Plan C (CravenLive Virtual Academy) for the upcoming school year.
    We understand that many of our families and staff have questions regarding the return to school. We hope the information provided helps answer your questions and concerns. As we move forward we will continue to communicate all information through our call notification system, social media, and the local media. 
    Please know Craven County Schools is basing all decisions on health guidance from trusted sources (NCDHSS &CDC )including our local partnership with Craven County Health Department. The health and safety of our students, their families, staff, and the community is the top consideration before any important decision is made.

    As a reminder, these plans are subject to change based on updates related to COVID-19 in our community and state. It is critical we do our part to help mitigate the spread of this virus so we remind our families to remember the 3 W's: Wear, Wait, Wash.

    • Wear a cloth face covering if you will be with other people.
    • Wait 6 feet apart. Avoid close contact.
    • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer.

    Share with your child that these habits protect our families, friends, and neighbors. They are acts of kindness that when practiced collectively can have a tremendous impact on our community, especially for those at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19