• All TARDY students must check-in at the Front Office.  Regardless of the reason, they will receive a Tardy pass allowing them entrance into the classroom.  Please see the Attendance section for more details regarding the requirements for excused/unexcused absences.

    For EARLY DEPARTURE, all Students under the age of 18 must have written consent to leave campus.  Students age 18 or older only require verbal consent to leave campus.

    No student may check themselves out on their own accord, regardless of age.


    All students MUST have an EARLY DEPARTURE Pass to leave campus.   Front Office Staff will call to verify written requests. 

    This request can be sent 1 of 3 ways: 

    1. Email: WCHSmailbox@gmail.com (preferred)
    2. Fax: 252-244-3207
    3. Note: Hand delivered to Front Office

    Please ensure the following information is provided: 

    1. First & Last Name of Student
    2. Authorized Time of Departure
    3. Name of Authorized Parent/Guardian
    4. Valid Phone Number for phone verification

    Failure to check-out with the Front Office may result in disciplinary action for "Leaving School Without Permission."*

    *Students with EARLY RELEASE or OFF-CAMPUS college courses will be issued a permanent pass indicating their freedom to arrive late or depart early without signing in/out at the Front Office.