Ms. Jaclyn McNutt

Phone: 252.514.6400


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Architecture: University of Miami - Coral Gables, Florida University of Technology - Sydney, Australia

Ms. Jaclyn McNutt

KNOW MY JOURNEY, KNOW ME...I graduated from NBHS in 1998 and I have always had a LOVE for Math, Science, and Art. 

Onto the University of Miami, School of Architecture. This move incorporated my 3 loves, along with beautiful weather & beaches. Architecture is a very intense 5 year degree program. During this time, I was very active with their Study Abroad Programs. This is where I got the 'travel bug', my taste for adventure, and where my wanderlust began. 

I spent 10 years in the Architecture & Construction field. I spent 3 years at Madison Square Garden as a Fire & Site Safety Inspector (during renovations), I spent 6+ years an ESL Teacher and Private Tutor overseas. I travelled and lived on 4 continents working, volunteering and teaching (& visited over 35 countries most recently South Korea, UK, Spain, & Mexico). AND all because of MATH!

SOME BIG HIGHLIGHTS: Lifeguard in Miami, rocked climbed/camped at Yosemite, ran the Chicago Marathon, living & travelling w/ my brother in London, motorcycled through the Outback of Australia, shaved my head, lived with Aboriginals and hunted kangaroo for dinner, scuba dived in the barrier reef, deep-sea fished in the Coral Sea, learned to surf in Bell's Beach, climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge, saw the Southern lights, midnight Kayaked near hot water falls lit by glo-worms & swam in phosperessence waters & saw the darkest night sky filled with more stars than I could ever count in NZ, swimmed at La Playa Carrizalillo and then ascended the 157 STEEPS stairs to have street tacos & Coco Frios in Mexico, lived in Korea & taught Kindergardeners English, saw crazy edible/inedible things at many markets & thereby ate some interesting 'street-meats', haggled at a market and gave directions to a taxi driver (in Korean), Safaried in South Africa, hiked Table Mountain, beach-volleyball on Clifton Beach, ate many types of wild game and biltong, learned to play the cello, backpacked through Europe by day and fancy dress Opera/Ballet by night, skiing in Norway, learned one native dish in each place I've lived, learned to love to eat Marmite on toast and making plenty of English cuppas.

Ironically, my favorite things are very simple & can be done almost anywhere: a really good cup of coffee or English tea, reading a good book when it's stormy, any kind of puzzles or water sports, eating a meal with good friends/family with lots of belly laughter, doing international accents, cuddling with Gunner, Pyper & Blake (my dog, niece & nephew), one pretty flower on my desk, creating handmade cards for others, HUGS, random acts of kindness, baking, helping others, getting a reaction-be it a smile or a thought, & being barefoot (especially at the beach).

All of this has taught me some BIG lessons:

1-Humility-Imagine getting a haircut, getting sick, calling for internet installation, or even losing your wallet. These are all things that could be stressful to communicate or get help with in your own language at home. BUT NOW, imagine you can't speak the language and you STILL NEED to get these things done. It really keeps you humble, because it forces you to get outside of your comfort zone by relying on ANY of the words you can remember or google, while 'butchering' them with a smile. By having to rely on others for help 'constantly' (even the kindness of strangers). When you put these things into perspective, it reminds you how much you don't know & makes you appreciate those little luxuries you had at home but (might've) took for granted.

2-Adaptability-When your in a different country, with a different culture and language, you CAN'T just sit back; you have to be proactive and curious to survive, let alone thrive. When you make those efforts (even all those mistakes when trying) it's those qualities that the locals find most endearing and then your experiences abroad are off-the-chain. The gifts you gain are friendships, learning the real art of hospitality, open-mindedness, priceless memories, and real personal growth. This helps me to be a better host to my friends, more empathetic to foreigners at home or by extension my students who feel that Math is a foreign language.

3-Home-It also taught me that home is not a building, but wherever I feel a strong connection to people (my friends, family, students & coworkers) with a beach nearby.

This has been 'MY' journey so far. It's revealed these lessons, and largely why I recently returned to NBHS as a Math Teacher. Now, let's see where this journey can takes 'US'...