Mrs. Heather Hopkinson



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Heather Hopkinson

It is with great pleasure that I welcome your child to Physical Science.  This is an exciting course that provides students with the opportunity to discover the physical world through a basic understanding of Chemistry and Physics.  

I plan to do my utmost to provide your child with the most exciting and effective learning environment possible.  To do this, I will need your support and feedback as we both work to ensure that your child is successful.  I have listed some basic rules and expectations that I have for all of my students:


  1. Be prepared for class.  Arrive on time with a notebook, pencil and completed assignments for that day.  Be in the room before the last bell sounds.
  2. Be respectful and courteous to all at all times.  
  3. Safety is a must at all times!  Failure to follow common safety rules will result in dismissal from class and a zero for work that day.
  4. Cheating will NOT be tolerated.  Do your own work!
  5. There will be no cell phones allowed during class.  


Required materials:

  • 3 ring binder/notebook
  • Pencils/pens
  • Scientific calculator 


Grade weighting:





North Carolina final exam is 25% of total course grade.



Tests:  A test will normally be given at the completion of a unit.  All work must be shown in order to receive credit.

*Test corrections are available on all tests (except for the Craven county assessments and NCFE) within 5 school days*


Quizzes:  Quizzes will be given at the completion of a chapter.  “Pop” quizzes may be given at any time. 


Labs:  We will do several labs throughout the course.  These will be completed in  groups, where each team member will get an independent grade within the group.   The grade will be for a quality product that is turned in on time.


Projects:  Projects may be assigned as we move through the course.  Project  requirements will be provided to the students with plenty of time to complete.  


Class/homework:  All class/homework assignments will be posted on the board.  You  need to get in the habit of checking it every day.  Satisfactory homework will receive a “check”, BUT can be graded for correctness.  


There will be a North Carolina Final Exam (NCFE) at the end of the course.  The NCFE accounts for 25% of the overall course grade.  No retest or test correction opportunities will be permitted on these tests.  It is imperative for students to thoroughly prepare for these exams.


I look forward to meeting you personally.  However, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at or 514-6400.


Heather Hopkinson