• Teacher Name Club Name Description for Website
    Al Lee Walking Club  
    Amanda Whitford Ukulele Club Students will learn the basics of playing the ukulele. There is no prior knowledge of music required although students will be asked to play an instrument as a group. I will provide the ukuleles to use here at school. Our goal will be to learn 2-3 chord fun songs.
    Amy Miller Digital Math Games Students will have the opportunity to challenge themselves mathematically with their choice of math game. Possible game choices will include: Cool Math, Sum Dog, Prodigy, or Reflex Student.
    Arnita Morris Hot topics Rescue Students will discuss hot topics. Instead of agruing your point, you will look at things from the side you dont agree with and try to see someone else's prespective. Can we open our minds and hearts to rescue the person we disagree with? I hope that this club will be interesting and also help students develop compassion and empathy for others.
    Bob Baggett Football / Basketball 2 hand touch football / basketball. Depending on the sport season or weather one of the two will be played
    Carol Wasicki Indoor Games Students will learn and play basic indoor games such as portable cornhole, board, and card games. Participation/social skills, turn taking, stragegy, and cooperation are some of the skills that will be emphasized.
    Christi Mendes Lego/Puzzles Club Bring your own materials and show off your creative side by building the most amazing stuctures. Work together in a group to build a fabulous project. Individual design is also welcome.
    Christy Wilson Warcub Agents of Change Do you want to make a difference in our school and community? Are you willing to step up and make a positive change? If so, we can't wait to have you be a Warcub Agent of Change!
    Dawn Grady Flashback Friday Kickin' it old school with Tag, Heads Up 7-Up, 4 Corners, Hangman, Jacks, Jump Rope, Kickball, Musical Chairs, Go Fish, War, and more back in the day fun!
    Debbie Stephens Gardening Students will plant, weed, and maintain the student garden behind the 8th grade building plus learn about indoor plant care.
    Della Walley Model United Nations Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN,
    Elizabeth DeBoeser Dungeons & Dragons Club A place for students to come together to talk and play Dungeons and Dragons! Time will be spent playing the game, but also learning about rules, and strategies for players and DM's alike. Feel free to bring any handbooks, dice or DnD related items to club. If you are familiar with other table top RPG's like Pathfinder, you are also more than welcome to join!
    Emily Saunders Chess Club CHESS! It is a test of patience and concentration. It develops your mind and character. It challenges the way you think. While playing chess, your mind generates a multitude of variations, you explore new strategies, you predict their outcomes, you test your hypothesis. A great chess player once said, "You may learn much more from a game you lose than from a game you win. You will have to lose hundreds of games before becoming a good player." Join Chess Club and come prepared to lose some, win some, and learn a lot.
    Jennifer Walmsley Girls Making a Difference For young ladies looking to make a positive impact in our school and community. We will take part in mini service projects to help out our fellow students, teachers and community members. Good deeds are the name of the game here - it's time to build each other up and see what great things we can accomplish!
    Jesse James Ultimate Frisbee/Chair Basketball Students will learn the basics of playing ultimate frisbee - simply, a combination of football and frisbee. Practice throwing, catching, and then playing on one of the fields outside. On days where weather does not allow us to play ultimate frisbee we will be playing chair basketball in my classroom. Come show off your skills!
    Jim March Scavenger Hunts Students will be working to find specific items in a different on-campus location each week. The goal one week might be to find a mini-American flag toothpick on the football field, and the next might be to find one of five GI-Joe figurines hiding in the trees behind the gym. Do you have what it takes to complete each week's task?
    John Booher Story Club
    We will read and listen to short fiction stories. We will also have discussions on the stories. We will include activities that promote understanding of the stories content such as drawing and play acting.
    John Brown eMammal Club
    Students will look at eMammal data management system to identify mammals from around the world. Students will review and discuss what they think the animals and see what science professionals have identified them as.
    Jordan Alsbrook #EmbraceTheNerd We all have things that we like that might make us feel different, but you would be surprised to find out that you aren't alone. #EmbraceTheNerd encourages everyone to embrace and share the things that they like and enjoy. Whether it is comic books, card games, board games, dragons, princesses, or wizards, the nerd never stops. Students will share, create, and play games with other students. These are the things that seem "Nerdy", the things that make us feel different, but ultimately the things that will bring us together. #EmbraceTheNerd

    Josh Kitchin MUSIC CLUB Can't listen to your music while you work because your teachers are mean? Well, get your fill of listening to your music in this club so you can make it the rest of the day! MUST HAVE EARBUDS!!!! Also, Mr. Kitchin will be bringing his guitar and taking requests to play some songs!!!
    Joshua Boyd Card Games Students will learn to play deck building card games.
    Kara Kinney Soccer Club Students will be researching thier favorite players and sharing that info with the group. They wil also get to show off their skills by going outside and playing soccer one to two fridays a month.
    Kristi Frazier Typing Club Using a variety of websites, students will play engaging typing games that will help students improve their typing speed and accuracy.
    Kristina Genovese Make It PAWSible The true colors a person show in how they treat animals and how they serve his/her community. Volunteering builds responsibility within oneself and compassion towards the community. Each week, students will make one craft in the classroom to send to local pet shelters within Craven and surrounding counties and to spread awareness of the importance of adopting pets from shelters and not purchasing them from pet stores. The crafts will consist of crafting toys from old clothes and making simple snacks from simple ingredients. This will help animals in shelters stay active, happy, and playful in the shelters before finding their forever home.
    Lindsy Kievit Coloring and Drawing Club Do you love to color or draw? Then this club is for you! We will have several different things to choose from to color and draw. We will do drawing and coloring challenges as well!
    Lisa Connell Tie Dye Students will need to bring a white item to Tie Dye (T-shirt,pillowcase,sweatshirt Etc.)
    Lisa Franks UNO Students learning taking turns, cooperation, social skills, and critical thinking skills
    Logan Meeks Bio Blitz Club Students will be working collaboratively with real scientist in the world submitting photos to a project board on the iNaturalist app, we will be going outside and observing nature all while contributing to scientific research
    Lydia Matthews History Club I would like for Craven County to be involved in the National History Day competitions that I have had students compete in before. During this club time, I would be able to explain National History Day and help students with topics and their projects as we get closer to the competition date. This club would be open to all grade levels, and this is a great project to put on applications for college or any type of program that students may want to be involved in outside of school. I would organize a competition at the HJ level first and see where we could go from there. The regional competition is usually held at ECU.
    Maggie Jackson Actors Dream Corner Club Students will work to create and appreciate theatre. If you like to write short plays and want to preform them, then this is the club for you!
    Matt Reid Skateboard Club The students will bring their boards and we will ride the PAVE! sidewalk surfing at its finest. We will embrace the skateboard culture and enjoy all things skateboarding. and the concrete wave!
    Mike Swain Cooking Club  
    Meredith Cox Bonding Over Art Students will choose from adult art coloring books and crossstitch kits and we will have positive discussions while working.
    Moriah Godsey Board Games  
    Nikesha Farrior Phase 10 Showdown Students will have a series of contests between several teams and the winners from each team will compete for a final prize. Will you be the first to complete all ten phases?
    Officer Rios Blue Cubs/PIE With Police Students will learn about all aspects of law enforcement, how to be a good citizen, demonstrate self-respect and review on-going social trends.
    Rashad Thomas iPad Ambassador Club Technology has become very important in the culture of education in the 21st Century. With this, HJ MacDonald has recently adopted the iPad 1 to 1 initiative in hopes to stimulate and increase positive learning in the school. "iPad Ambassadors Club" will serve as a official club here at the school designed to teach students how to operate their iPad in a positive purposeful manner. The goal is to teach each student how to use these devices and then go throughout the building serving as ambassadors in their core classes and electives. Students will help assist teachers in bridging the gap in educating students as we continue to integrate iPads in our classrooms.
    Ryan Droese Hackey Sack(Footbag) Club Students will learn to play hackey sack. This is a group activity that will improve teamwork and collaboration skills.
    Sabrina Davenport Computer Programming Students will learn basic HTML and create a website.
    Satoria Bautista Science Club The Science Club is for students who are interested in learning more about Science. This club takes students beyond what is learned in the regular classroom where they will have the opportunity to create projects and earn prizes.
    Sheris Bryant Career Club Students will have the opportunity to learn about and explore different career possibilities.
    Stephen Cockcroft Trading Cards Club  
    Tawana Lewis Sign Language Club Students will learn basic words and sentences in Sign Language.
    Students will learn songs in sign language including "Baby Shark and get to perform during lunch or/and assemblies.
    Tiffany Mangum Yoga Students will take a basic yoga class while concentrating on breathing and relaxing.
    Tisha Jackson UNO  
    Tracy Jackson Line dancing Students will learn 1-2 line dances, maybe more. Dependent upon how quickly they learn.