• About Our Schools:

    We are located in Eastern North Carolina, approximately 40 miles from the coast. Our district covers approximately 695 square miles with a total population of 94,875 residents (2006 est). Area cities of New Bern and Havelock including the towns of Bridgeton, Cove City, Dover, River Bend, Trent Woods, Vanceboro, and Marine Corps Air Station – Cherry Point.

    Craven County Schools Vision
    We envision a public education system that challenges all students as learners and prepares them to imagine and create a successful life; values educators and empowers them to inspire and spark innovation in every student; leads in education and community engagement; and invites all students, their families, and all members of the community to work together to support public education to the benefit of our students, our community, our nation and our world.

    Craven County Schools Mission
    Together with OUR families and community, Craven County Schools will educate all learners to personal, professional, and civic success through challenging and personalized instruction.

    Strategic Plan Goals

    • The Learner
    • The Educator
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Community Engagement and Leadership
    • Operations and Resources

     Core Values

    • Visionary Leadership
    • Student-Centered Excellence
    • Organizational Learning and Agility
    • Valuing People
    • Focus on Success
    • Managing for Innovation
    • Management by Fact
    • Societal Responsibility
    • Delivering Value and Results
    • Ethics and Transparency

    For more information call: 252-514-6300.  If you have a concern about a state or county education policy, please contact your area’s elected officials.