Coach Harris



Degrees and Certifications:

Coach Harris



Welcome to Coach Harris’ classroom


1,) My Background → 

      ▪  I have a Masters and Ed.S. in curriculum and Instruction from Liberty University.

      ▪  I am currently in the dissertation phase of my Ed.D. from Liberty University.

      ▪  This is my 16th year teaching all here at HHS.

      ▪  I am a pastor.

      ▪  I am the assistant varsity baseball coach and head JV soccer coach.

      ▪  I sponsor the HHS Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).



2.)  My Courses →   This semester I am teaching Discrete Math.

                   I teach Discrete Math in a hybrid classroom. In this type of classroom environment I give Instruction and assignments are completed on the computer.


3.)  Grading System →  The following is how my students will be graded:

       Tests – 60%           Quizzes/Projects – 20%           Homework/Classwork – 20%       


4.)  Classroom Expectations →  Students are to do the following:

       ▪  Follow all the rules in the student handbook

       ▪  Respect me, others, and school property

       ▪  Be responsible for your actions (do all assignments and study)


5.)  Due to seminar, soccer and baseball, there will be no official day for afterschool help.

      It is each student’s responsibility to come to seminar to get help or make up assignments.

      Email –

      Phone – 252-444-5112 (ask to be transferred to my room, 713)


Thank you. I pray we will have a great year together!