• Interview The Craven County Schools Public Relations Department is responsible for planning, coordinating and sharing all of the communications for the district.  It is important that we work closely with the Board of Education, the Superintendent and all departments to share the district’s mission, vision, strategic directions, and goals through effective communication to all internal and external stakeholders.

    The goal of the Public Relations Department is to foster strategic relationships to effectively and openly communicate the business of Craven County Schools to Board Members, administrators, school staff, parents, students, and community members.

    The communication tools we utilize for sharing information are:

    –    Website at www.craven.k12.nc.us
    -     Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
    –    Local Newspapers – Sun Journal and Havelock News
    –    Television – Channel 10 and CTV 3
    –    Radio – WTEB Radio, WSFL Radio, Public Radio East, WNBU 94.1, WTKR & WJNC
    –    Call Notification System – Blackboard
    -     Let's Talk 
    –    Email
    -     News and Press Releases

    Providing the best services for our stakeholders is a priority to Craven County Schools.  In order for our district to evaluate how we are performing it is necessary to obtain feedback through student, staff, and parent surveys.  This data is shared at the district level and with each school allowing opportunities for goal teams to target specific areas that deserve celebrations as well as improvements.

    Our business is the success of more than 14,000 students.  The District succeeds when our students and community succeeds.


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