Mrs. Wethington

Phone: 252-444-5125


Degrees and Certifications:

BA, Communication North Carolina State University NCTeach Lateral Entry Program Middle Grades 6-9 English Language Arts Certification Middle Grade 6-9 Social Studies Certification Elementary General Certification

Mrs. Wethington

My name is Mrs. Wethington. I have taught middle grades language arts and social studies for eleven years, five of which have been at Havelock Middle.  I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from North Carolina State University, where I also participated in the NCTeach lateral entry program.  I look forward to a successful school year!  


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Social Studies Syllabus

Daily Procedures

Entering the room:

-Find your seat and read the daily agenda on the board.  Take out any materials that are listed in the agenda.

-Begin the Bellringer assignment.  Bellringer assignments will be turned-in each Friday and graded.  

*Should you need to sharpen a pencil, throw something away, or otherwise leave your seat, now is the time to do it.*

If you are out of your seat when the tardy bell rings, you may receive a tardy.  

-Respect the teacher/other students. For the entire class, not just during the Bellringer. :)

Class Instruction

-Raise your hand to speak/leave your desk.  You must notify me prior to leaving your seat. Please do not leave your seat during instruction.

-After the Bellringer is complete, we will review homework and I will collect your assignment.  

-When using an iPad, you must remain in the app that is being used for class instruction.  Although I have, and use, the ability to restrict access to only the apps needed for instruction; accessing non-instructional apps during a lesson will result in a consequence.

-Complete all of the work that is assigned in class.  If you need help, always ask. I am here to help.


-The purpose of homework  is to deepen your understanding of concepts that we cover during class time.

-Complete your homework in a timely manner and turn it in on the date it is due.

-Homework is posted in the room, written on our notes, and posted on the Homework Calendar of my teacher website.  


If you’re absent:

-Check the Lesson Plan Page and Homework Calendar  on my teacher website.

-Ask a classmate.

-Ask me.

Disregard of Class Procedures

  1. Warning/Redirection
  2. Working lunch/contact home.
  3. Referral to Chill Out.
  4. ISS referral.  

*In extreme instances of disregard, reserves right to utilize Chill Out/ISS referral, following with contact home.*


Thursday, by appointment.  You must bring questions concerning the topics for which you need assistance and a signed note from a parent/guardian.  

Tutoring ends promptly at 4. Repeat late pick-ups may mean a dismissal from tutoring.