Staff Development

  • Professional development is an intensive and collaborative means to learning to earn or incorporatively maintain professional credentials such as academic degrees to formal coursework, conferences and informal learning opportunities situated in practice. 

    To check your CEU's go to (This website can only be accessed at schools).

    Requesting Prior Approval

    All outside activities that are not provided by Craven County Schools must receive prior approval.

    Prior approval is necessary to comply with state regulations, which require an LEA to determine the appropriateness of awarding renewal credit for a specific activity in advance of the activity. Prior approvals also help avoid misunderstandings regarding qualifying activities and reduce the possibility of an employee paying to enroll in an activity for which renewal credit will not be awarded.

    Sea System – All Other Proposals

    To request prior-approval to earn renewal credit for attending a workshop, seminar, conference, etc., the employee should complete an All Other Proposal with the Sea System.  Requests are to be made three (3) weeks prior to the start date of activity. Failure to do so may disallow CEU credit. Requests submitted after the event risk not being approved.

    After Completion of the Sea System Activity

    Upon successful completion of an activity, the employee should complete surveys from the Sea System and send a copy of the proof of credit with a copy of the approved Sea System proposal to Catherine Warmack at the Central Office. Credit will not be recorded until the appropriate documentation is submitted.

    Paper Prior Approval Form for courses/Independent Studies

    If participant is taking an independent study or a course on-line or at a college, an Application for Prior Approval for Staff Development Activities found under forms on the iWeb, with documentation of what is being taken, must be submitted to Brandi Barrow at the Central Office prior to the activity. After completing the course, the participant will need to send the appropriate documentation (grade slip, certificate, etc.) to Catherine Warmack in order to have CEU’s posted.

    Please visit one of the following sites:

    Sea System Application (Prior Approval)

    Craven County District Activity Template 

    Craven County Paper Prior Approval Form

    NC Department of Public Instruction - Professional Development

    NC Department of Public Instruction - Update or Renew Your Professional Educator's License