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Mr. David Jones

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Mr. David J. Jones...Social Studies (U.S. History and Honors) I have been teaching full time at HHS since 1994. I obtained my Teacher Certification (with a specialty in Ancient History) from East Carolina University (class of '92). I also have an Associate's in Business Administration from Lenior Community College (class of '89) and a Bachelor's in Public Business from UNC-CH (class of '90). My father served in the Air Force for twenty years, and a a result I have lived in/experienced four countries (including Japan and the Philippines) and thirty-six US states. I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I have been aware of my own existence. Since I have begun my teaching career, I have never had cause to look back. I love what I do and I hope to be doing it for some time to come. I have been teaching at Havelock High School for nearly two decades and I primarily teach U.S. History now.

Teaching Philosophy My goal in teaching both World and U.S. History is not to make my students experts in the field. My goal is to teach my students how to research and to communicate that research in one of several presentable forms (worksheets, essays, discussion, test questions, etc.) I am not as concerned with a student knowing who Alexander the Great or George Washington was, as I am with said student's ability to be able to consult various sources in order to be able to find out who these people, or any other example, were and to be able to present those findings to others. In addition to focusing on researching information, my secondary goal is to find ways to show students how to analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and manipulate said research. In short, my basic goal is to teach students to be able to think for themselves and to use history as a foundation for self discovery and self improvement.

Havelock High School Social Studies Department Mission Statement Our mission is to thoroughly teach our individual courses, foster better citizens, and promote general research skills by being effective teachers, presenting the curricula in a stimulating manner, and providing feedback and/or evaluation of student progress.

School Phone Number: (252) 444-5112

My Classroom Extension: 2122