1-3 RING BINDER minimum of 2 inches

    Several Folders or Dividers for Binder

    Some type of notebook or paper for taking notes. Students may choose what they prefer to take notes in. Notes are for students and therefore they should choose what they prefer to use.

    1 pack of Index cards OR pocket sized notebook (2 students can share one pack of cards)

    PENS or Pencils

    Students will need a pair of black, navy or khaki pants, closed toed shoes.

    Students will also need either a collared solid color polo- style shirt or a class shirt ($13)

     **Students will be required to complete clinical internship hours with a local rescue squad

    Public Safety 1

    Some type of notebook or paper for taking notes. Students may choose what their preference is for note taking.


    Pens or Pencils

 Frances Bell



Degrees and Certifications:

Frances Bell

My name is Frances Bell, and most people know me as Beth. I have been a Paramedic for 17 years and in EMS for 20. I began teaching high school in 2015 and have taught EMS classes at the community college for the past 15 + years. I continue to work as a Paramedic several times per week in Craven County as well.

My approach to teaching is rooted in a belief that students learn best when they are also entertained and engaged. Classes will be interactive and encompass a variety of techniques and interaction. Students are encouraged to participate in discussions and activities. Students are expected to complete all assignments on time and should be responsible for their own academic success in my classes. It is my goal to prepare students for post high school life, to be accountable for themselves and to help them to understand the importance of time management and prioritization. That said, I understand that occasionally circumstances and conflicts arise in a student's personal and academic life. If a student finds themselves in this situation, I would encourage them to speak with me in order to resolve the issue. I am approachable and will work with students that are making a sincere effort to be responsible for themselves. Parents are always welcome to contact me with questions or concerns, but again I would like to stress the importance of students taking responsibility for themselves.

Students will be given a full list of expectations on the first day of class. Students in high school are expected to behave as young adults and will be treated as such. Disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated and any student guilty of being disrespectful to me or their classmates will be removed and receive disciplinary action in accordance with HHS and Craven County School policy. I prefer to run a more relaxed classroom setting and will allow privileges and minimal rules based on the personality of the class. In short, students that behave in a mature manner will be treated as young adults and given more independence. Students that find themselves unable to handle this type of independence will have a more rigid and structured environment.

Welcome to Havelock High School's Public Safety and EMS Academy. We will be covering a variety of topics this year. I look forward to getting to know you all.