Welcome to Mrs. Joyce Respers Website at Grover C. Fields Middle School - 8th Grade English Language Arts



    I would like to welcome  parents and students to this school year. We are kicking off this first semester with a bang! It is an absolute pleasure to be your child's instructor.  I will be
     preparing all students for a successful future in the 21st century. I am looking forward to an outstanding successful year.  

    School Year 2017-2018

    Students Expectations
    All students should be in class by 8:25.
    All students should be prepared for class daily.

    All students should have necessary class materials: 

    2 or 3 inch Binders - with 8 dividers,  2 pencils, loose-leaf notebook paper, 1 composition book wide rule sheets, one blue or black pen, one red pen, highlighters,  and markers or color pencils

    Students must follow all class rules and turn in assignments on time.

    Work becomes homework when  the class work is not completed which is due the next day.
    All students should have a library book daily.

    All students should read at home nightly for 30 minutes.


    Per board policy, 8th-grade students are allowed to have 60-100 minutes daily (up to 25 minutes per subject) assigned as homework.  Homework is not given as busy work, nor is it used as a discipline consequence.  Assignments are meant to enhance or further understanding of assignments being covered in the classroom.  Students are expected to turn in all homework on time.  Late assignments are NOT accepted third and forth nine weeks.

    Late Work Turn in Policy

    1st Day- 10 points will be deducted
    2nd Day- 20 points will be deducted 
    3rd Day - Work is no longer accepted


    The assignments are weighted as such:
    Class work/ Homework = 25%
    Quizzes = 25%

    Projects/Labs = 20%
    Tests = 30%

    Class Goal: All students should strive to make 85% or better on all assignments
    You may call the school to set up a conference, by contacting Mrs. Jackson or Mrs. Hall, our school counselors. You may call the school during my planning period to speak to me personally if I am not in a meeting. You will be able to contact me from the school @ (252) 514-6438 or my e-mail.


    On a Personal Note:

    I completed my degree at St. Augustine’s College in Intermediate Education for grades 4-9 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

    I also completed my Masters in Education, with a concentration in “Family Community Services” from Ashford University in 2012.
    I love children, teaching, cooking, and traveling.
    I am a wife of 34 years, married to the same man, Billy Respers, and have 3 adult children.  

    I am an ordained Minister; overseeing a Ministry in a the community; name,“Family Outreach Family Word of Deliverance Ministries”.
    My favorite food is seafood, chicken, steak, most vegetables, and all kinds of fruits.

    My favorite dessert is strawberry cheesecake and oatmeal raisin cookies.
    God has blessed me with eight beautiful grandchildren; 7 girls and one boy.


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