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Ms. Deaton

We have started our first unit of study. It is 8.E.2 Earth History. We will work to understand the history of Earth and it's abundant life forms based on evidence of change in fossil records and landforms.

H. Denise Deaton - Science

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phone number:  514-6438

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 Required materials: a 1 inch 3 ring notebook, loose-leaf paper, composition book, pencils, extra lead for mechanical pencils, blue or black pens (I will not accept work completed in any other color ink). Please don’t send spiral notebooks to class with your student. You have no idea how long they can take tearing off that little strip of waste paper.

Wish list for the classroom: kleenex, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, cough drops, pencils, loose-leaf papeR, cheap tennis balls....


GCF Vision Statement -
Grover C. Fields will be the highest performing middle school in the county and in the state of North Carolina.

GCF Mission Statement -
Grover C. Fields Middle School in collaboration with families and local communities will prepare all 
students to successfully complete middle school grades with essential academic and 
technical skills for high school and 
post-secondary education.

                                           CLASS RULES ROOM 321
All students:
Will cooperate and be respectful. This means students are polite to adults and each other. They do not enter into a conversation that the teacher is having with another student, but will respond when addressed by the teacher.
Will be prepared to learn. This means students will bring all required materials to the classroom and not have to return to their locker. They come in, sit down, read the task on the board and begin work immediately, without stopping to socialize or wander aimlessly around.  
Will use appropriate voice level. This means if it is time to be quiet, be quiet and if it is time to speak up, speak up.
Will travel through the room so as not to attract attention to them self by stopping to talk, touching another's belongings or causing a distraction.  
Will stay out of the teacher’s bubble when she is teaching.
Will not touch items on, go behind or take anything off the teacher’s desk without permission.
Will not throw anything in the classroom.
Will not groom in the classroom. This means no combing, brushing, braiding or twisting hair; no applying make-up, lip gloss, lipstick, lotion or any scented products.
Will not eat, drink or chew gum in the classroom.
Will not stand up and move about if the teacher is not physically present.

Will not touch or use the phone without permission. The phone is for emergency use only and all calls must be brief.

Eighth Grade Grading Scale:

Assignments:   25%
Tests:                30 %
Quizzes:            25%
Projects/Labs   20%