NBHS Drivers Ed

  • Updated 6/8/20


    Jordan Driving School of the Carolinas is opening a class for the classroom portion only of driver education.  

    The first driver education class will take place online for registered students from  June 22nd-July 30th. This class has limited space available. Registration for this class will close on June 18.  Additional classes will be offered during the summer. 


    Eligibility: Students must be atleast 14.5 years of age to be eligible to take the driver education class. (Born on or before December 22, 2005). 

    Students will meet with an instructor online everyday during the time that the class is being offered. Students who sign up for this class will need to commit to a set day and time to meet with the instructor  every day and to do the assigned work in a timely manner.  Time is TBD and will be sent out.
    Please note: The 30 hour class is all that is being offered at this time.  Behind the wheel instruction will only take place when it has been approved by NC Department of instruction.  Please be prepared for a backlog of driving until this occurs 
    Any student that is interested in private driving  instruction can do so by accessing our website at www.jdscarolinas.com  for more information. 


    June Online Course Registration Form (limited to 50) . Cost for the course is $45.00 and will be collected during the driving portion.


    School Site Driving Coordinator

    You may also contact the school site driving coordinator (Mr. Bobby Curlings - bobby.curlings@cravenk12.org or 252-671-3847) with questions concerning driver's ed training. 


    Additional Information:

    Students who completed the classroom portion at New Bern High last school year and have lost their Certificate of Completion can contact JDS Carolinas by calling (252) 244-1220 or go to their website at JDSCAROLINAS.COM to email them (there is a $10 fee for replacement certificates)