• Sudents who are interested in attending a four-year college or university are encouraged to begin preparing for the ACT and SAT early. They should also register for an account on the College Foudnation of North Carolina website. Sophomores and Juniors are given the opportunity to sign up for the PSAT that is usally given in early October.  The ACT is also adminstered to all Juniors in the state of North Carolina free of charge in late February or early March each year. These students are encouraged to prepare for this by using the many resources Havelock High School has available, including Monday Focus activties, USA Test Prep for Reading, and the materials offered on CFNC. Students who need to register for additonal ACT test dates will need to visit act.org to register and select their test dates. Students who need to register for the SAT will need to visit collegeboard.org  to register and select their test dates.


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