• New Bern High School School Improvement Team

    The principal of each school, representatives of the assistant principals, instructional personnel, instructional support personnel, and teacher assistants assigned to the school building, and parents of children enrolled in the school shall constitute a school improvement team. The team shall develop a school improvement plan to improve student performance.


School Improvement Plan

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  • The following are members of the NBHS School Improvement Team:

    • Jerry Simmons, Principal

    • Sharon Richardson, Assistant Principal

    • Sandy Parker

    • William Pierce

    • Tracy Monroe, Assistant Principal

    • Brandolyn Holton, Assistant Principal

    • Chris Elbing

    • R. Frye

    • Robert Hall, Assistant Principal

    • Lisa Chitty

    • Heidi Ricks

    • Lori Prescott

    • Robin Migliorato

    • J. Thammavong

    • H. Wiltshire

    • M. Whitehead

    • Ellie Hanford, Student Representative

School Improvement Team Meetings