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ClassLink FAQs

classlink faq

Access to ClassLink:

Q: How does a staff member access ClassLink?
A: Staff members who have never signed into ClassLink will do so at  Your staff UID will be the username and your first time password is "Craven####".  (The #### is the last four digits of your UID number.)  It is recommended that staff change their password to their Rapid ID Password - but it is not required. 

Q: Why do we need to set up a multi-factor authentication method (MFA)?
A: Cybersecurity continues to be a priority for school systems, especially with the potential for additional blended and remote learning. ClassLink provides secure authentication methods, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), to keep student data safe.

Q: How does a student access ClassLink?
A: Students can access ClassLink through the same website listed above or through their ClassLink app on their iPad.  Students will log in using their UID number as their username and their Digital Key as their password.  Or, students can also access ClassLink by scanning their Quick Card provided by their teacher (Grades K-5).

Q: Why does a student not have a quick card generated?
A: In our ClassLink training, the instructor reminded us that for Quick Cards to be generated, the student has to be logged into ClassLink at least one time.  This initial log in indicates to ClassLink that this is an active student and will then generate a quick card that can be printed by the teacher.

Q: What is a Digital Key?  Where do I find it?
The Digital Key is a password that is created by PowerSchool.  It should contain both alpha and numeric characters and will be in ALL CAPS.  This password can only be reset/changed by the school's data manager.  Teachers can access a roster from PowerSchool showing each student and their Digital Key.  Here is a link, showing that process.

ClassLink's Connection to NCEdCloud:

Q: Is ClassLink replacing NCEdCloud (
A:  No.  There are programs and resources that have to stay in NCEdCloud.  Programs, like PowerSchool, can only reside in NCEdCloud.  In ClassLink, when you click on the PowerSchool application, you will be asked to sign into NCEdCloud one time - this is so ClassLink can capture your username and password.  Once you log in, PowerSchool will launch. 

With other programs in ClassLink that are tied to NCEdCloud you may be asked to sign in using NCEdCloud credentials one time.  You'll be redirected to the NCEdCloud application portal where you will then click on the application again for it to launch.

Q: Why do we need to change the students' NCEdCloud Passwords to match their Digital Key?
A:  While streamlining how our users access needed applications, we are also trying to simplify our password configurations.  We are asking for all student NCEdCloud passwords to match the Digital Key for convenience and ease of remembrance.  This is process on how to make those changes.  When passwords are reset correctly, this is how students will log into each needed resource.

Accessing Applications within ClassLink:

Q: Once I get into ClassLink, I do not see an application that I need.  Why not?  (This applies to both students and staff.)
In ClassLink, some applications are automatically assigned and rostered based on information in PowerSchool. For example, if you are properly rostered to teach or take an English Language Arts class, you may automatically see MyLexia on your ClassLink dashboard. Other examples: If you are a second grade student, you may automatically see SeeSaw.  If you are a middle school student, you will automatically see PowerUp.  

Another example: if you are an EC Teacher that needs access to AimsWeb Plus and do not see it, it may be because in PowerSchool you do not meet the criteria for the rule set.  In ClassLink, rules are set up to provide you with certain applications based on the names of classes in PowerSchool.  So, if the rule in ClassLink is set to send AimsWeb Plus to each homeroom teacher, but in PowerSchool, if you are not assigned to a class titled "Homeroom", then ClassLink does not know to send you AimsWeb Plus.

Put in a tech request stating what program you should be seeing and Tech Services will check to make sure you are rostered correctly to receive the application. 

Q: When accessing some applications in ClassLink, I get the error that says "Your browser does not meet the minimum requirements."  What does this mean?
A: This message indicates that the app needed is not properly installed or needs to be updated on the student's iPad.