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Vision and Mission

Our Mission
Systems and Operations will:

Operate efficiently and provide the highest customer service by: Providing safe and reliable student transportation; Providing meals that are appealing to all students; Providing the safest possible environment for students and staff; Ensuring technology is an integral part of learning; Making data available that drives informed decisions and Providing operational support that is timely and cost effective.

Contact Information



Chief Officer of Systems and Operations
Stacy Lee
p: 252-514-6391


Nick Lucas

Director of Safety and Security
Nick Lucas
p: 252-917-1847


Lauren Weyand


Director of School Nutrition
Lauren Weyand
p: 252-514-6390


Dr. Hassell

Director of Transportation
Dr. Thomasine Hassell
p: 252-514-6377



Director of Technology
Ross G. Friebel
p: 252-514-6393

Ashley Whitford

Coordinator of Operational Support Services
Ashley Whitford
p: 252-514-6398 

Director of Facilities Services
Jerome Williams
p: 252-514-6380