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State Employees Lending a Hand

Governor Roy Cooper has announced a new plan to help combat staff shortages in K-12 schools across the state. This will keep our classrooms and schools open for our students.

We encourage state employees to lend a helping hand to our students at a time of severe staffing challenges for our schools. 

Under the updated policy full time state employees are eligible for 24 hours of paid “community service” leave to help in schools as substitute teacher, substitute teacher’s assistant, other substitute staff such as front office support, licensed bus drivers, cafeteria staff at schools or district level.  This leave may be used by state employees with supervisors’ approval and will not interfere with normal operations.

The Governor’s order went into effect January 12, 2022 and will last through February 15, 2022. 

If interested in volunteering, please fill out the google form.

Read the existing community service leave policy and the temporary exception allowing expanded use of the policy in schools.

Click here to view the Craven County Schools district substitute information.