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National Board Certification

National Board Certification, offered by the National Board For Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), is a way to recognize the accomplished teaching that is occurring in North Carolina's classrooms. The certification process is based on high and rigorous standards that evaluate teaching practice through performance-based assessments; the ultimate result is improved performance and achievement for North Carolina's students.

Craven County Schools (CCS) provides all candidates an opportunity for continued support throughout the process. The CCS National Board Support Program offers ongoing support, encouragement, and feedback from the moment of application for National Board candidacy throughout the entire process. We encourage each of you to participate and make this part of your National Board Certification process.  Contact the Director of Human Resources Dr. Neshawn Dawson at neshawn.dawson@cravenk` with questions. Best wishes on your National Board journey!

The National Board of Professional Teaching Standards is designed to collect standards-based evidence of accomplished teaching across four components:

  • Content Knowledge
  • Differentiation in Instruction
  • Teaching Practice and Classroom Environment
  • Effective and Reflective Practitioner


About the CCS National Board Certification Support Program

The CCS National Board Certification Support Program provides support for National Board candidates pursuing initial certification, retake submissions or renewal. The program provides a number of key components, as needed:

National Board Certification Resources

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards:
North Carolina Virtual Public Schools:

Where to go to learn more about NBPTS in North Carolina

The deadline to apply for the loan in the 2023-2024 cycle is January 31, 2024, or until all funds are dissolved, whichever comes first.

North Carolina National Board Certification (

For more information about state assistance, completing the application, or candidate support contact Sonja Brown, Director of National Board Certification Program, at 984-236-2112

NBC Coordinator in your school district.