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Check My Renewal Credits

Employees can check their renewal credit history through the Human Resource Management System's (HRMS). The history must be viewed using Internet Explorer and must be viewed on a computer at a school site. This link will return a warning that "The site's security certificate is not trusted!" Do not be alarmed. Go ahead and "Proceed anyway." Data sent through this site is encrypted, so it is safe to use.  

Copy the following link and paste into your Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge web browser:

The credits are granted based on certificate of credits sent to us for staff development activities 'outside' the county, for 'in-house' activities where employees sign a 'roster' verifying attendance, and by submitting grade reports for college courses. Remember, 1.0 renewal credit is equal to 10 contact hours; thus only 0.1 unit is given for a 1-hour activity. College courses are credited as 1.5 CEUs for each semester hour.    

*** MacBook Tip for Checking CEUs ***

The HRMS site for checking your CEUs can be accessed on a MacBook using Google Chrome.  Follow the steps below once you click on the link above to access HRMS.   When you see the warning below, click on the word "Advanced."  You can see where you need to click in the red circle below.

Warning Screen 1

    Once you click on the word "Advanced," the screen below will appear and you need to click on "Proceed to (unsafe)" to be able to login to HRMS.

Warning Screen 2

    You will then reach the HRMS screen below and can check your CEUs/renewal credits by clicking on the link in the red circle pictured below.

HRMS Screen

    Once you are in HRMS, enter either your social security number or payroll employee identification number in the spaces circled below to view your CEU history.

Screen 4


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