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Advertising in our Schools


At the April 20, 2023, Board of Education Meeting, The Board of Education approved the revision to Policy 5210 which changes the agencies and organizations that are permitted to distribute or display educational information or information about programs and activities of interest to students. The policy states the following will be permitted:

a. local, state, and federal government agencies and departments;

b. school/business partnerships or incentive programs that directly enhance or support the school’s educational program; and

c. community colleges, universities, and other non-profit institutions of higher education.

Please take this update into consideration when submitting your flyer(s) for approval. 

If you have questions regarding this update, please contact Jennifer Wagner, Director of Public Relations and Communications.

For information on Distribution and Display of Non School materials within our schools – Please click on the link to view Board Policy 5210.  

Director of Public Relations:
Jennifer Wagner
P: 252-514-6333 

Jordyn Rodriguez
p: 252-514-6314