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Driver s Education

Driver's Education

Information on Driver’s Education

If a student is in need of a Driving Eligibility Certificate in order to obtain their driving permit or license, they may obtain that from their high school.  Please call the high school first so that the certificate will be ready for pickup. 

Craven County Schools offers Driver’s Education throughout the school year and summer. Driver Education classes are available for any student that is 14 years and 6 months old.  Classes may be taught remotely through Zoom session.   The classroom portion of the course is 30 hours and the behind the wheel portion is 6 hours.

Students that are homeschooled or enrolled in a charter or private schools are eligible to take Driver Education classes through Craven County Schools.  Driver Education classes are taught after school, and during the summer and major holidays.  Please check with your high school regarding class schedules or go to   There is a fee of $45 for the class but you may be eligible for a fee waiver if you qualify for free or reduced lunch status.  If you are eligible for the fee waiver, complete the form and turn it in to the person that collects the fee money.

Fee Waiver Form

Please see the link below for Jordan Driving School for additional information including the schedules for Driver’s Education classes. Be sure to select Craven County.


For additional questions regarding Driver’s Education, contact your high school and speak with the Driver’s Education Coordinator


Dr. Gregory E. Monroe

Director of Student Services
Dr. Gregory Monroe
p: 252-514-6341
f: 252-514-6376