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Federal Programs

Title I Overview

Title I, the largest federal education program, is the foundation of the Every Student Success Act of 2015.  Title I funds in Craven County are provided to schools with large numbers of economically-disadvantaged students.  Based on the needs of their student subgroups, Title I schools design instructional programs and provide student services to supplement existing programs that are financed through local, state, and federal funds.  These additional funds are used to design strategies that meet the needs of students that are most at risk for school failure.  Service may include implementing effective instructional practices, hiring school-based learning system coaches, hiring teachers to reduce class size, and purchasing materials and supplies.  

An elementary school that is designated as a schoolwide Title I school has at least 40% or more of its student population has been designated as economically disadvantaged.  A secondary school is considered Title I in which at least 75% of the student population has been designated as economically disadvantaged.  The following list of schools are 2020-2021 Title I schools.  To obtain more information about the school, please visit each school's website.  



School Report Cards  

Craven County Schools Report Card

School Report Cards

Schoolwide Programming

Craven County Schools Wants Our Parents to Know...

As required by ESSA, Title I Part A, information is available at each school to include but is not limited to the following

  • The School Improvement Plan
  • Qualifications of your child's teacher
  • Professional development opportunites for teachers and assistants to ensure highly qualified personnel
  • Information regarding state and local testing policy
  • Opportunites for parent and family engagement
  • Craven County Schools Strategic Plan
  • Craven County Schools Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy
  • School Report Card

Las Escuelas del Condado de Craven Quieren Que Nuestros Padres Sepan...

Como lo requiere ESSA, Título I Parte A, la información está disponible en cada escuela para incluir, entre otros, lo siguiente:

  • El plan de mejora de la escuela
  • Cualificaciones del maestro de su hijo
  • Oportunidades de desarrollo profesional para profesores y asistentes para asegurar personal altamente calificado
  • Información sobre la política de pruebas estatales y locales
  • Oportunidades para la participación de los padres y la familia
  • Plan estratégico de las escuelas del condado de Craven
  • Política de participación de padres y familias de Título I de las escuelas del condado de Craven
  • Boleta de calificaciones de la escuela




Executive Director of Elementary Education and Federal Programs
Jason Griffin
p: 252-514-6374

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
Michelle Lee
p: 252-514-6371

Katie Bell
p: 252-514-6331

Title I Parent and Engagement Policy

Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy (Spanish)


Parent and Family Engagement Resources

Craven County Schools ESSER Funding