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Continuous Quality Improvement

The Board of Education requires the utilization of continuous quality improvement at all levels of the organization that enhances our ability to consistently meet or exceed stakeholder requirements. Continuous quality improvement efforts will make use of a preventative and proactive problem-solving approach that benefits our students. Systemic, systematic, and sustainable continuous improvement efforts ensure that all district students receive the highest possible standard of learning that prepares each graduate for a successful workplace or post-high school learning experience. The Board believes that commitment to continuous quality improvement also increases the confidence of existing District stakeholders who are investing in an organization that is of a high standard and one that provides quality services for students and the community.

The Board believes in continuous quality improvement practices that involve and progressively increase value to all stakeholders. The Superintendent shall develop and maintain processes that engage stakeholder participation and provide access to information in a variety of ways. Such processes will facilitate and encourage appropriate feedback informed by data on quality issues from district stakeholders.

Across the organization, the district leadership, teachers, and other staff shall regularly identify improvement opportunities, monitor and document progress, make necessary adjustments, and manage all strategic and operational risks. The Superintendent shall implement progress reviews for both short cycle and long-term quality accountability measures. Progress updates will be scheduled throughout each year.

The Board is committed to providing staff with access to appropriate quality training and development that ensures staff will sustain and enhance their skills and competencies. Staff is expected to learn quality improvement principles and actively embed district quality improvement strategies into their daily practice. This is a personal responsibility, a mindset, originating from the district's culture and values.