• Homework: 

    Please purchase an agenda for your child.  We will be training on using agendas to keep us focused, organized, and on top of our school work.


    Your child will receive weekly homework assignments in the agenda.  We will work towards writing goals and work in the agenda.   Additional homework assignments for the week will often be attached in a note.   

    Beginning with the first week of the agenda, I will be giving instructions for your child to help him or her build the foundational skills of becoming responsible for his or her own work, managing his or her time, and using strategies to become an organzied, successful student. These strategies can be used through out your child's life. Some of the things your child will be doing are:

    >Building a launchpad: this is the area in your home where your child will place all of his/her items needed for school. For example; backpack, lunch, tennis shoes, and so on.

    >Homework spot: you and your child will need to make a special area at home for homework.  Make sure this area has pencils, crayons and/or colored pencils, scissors, and paper.  This will help your child build the skills needed to stay focused and motivated when completing homework.

    >Clothes: your child will be asked to lay out his or her clothing the night before to help reduce stress in the morning.

    >Specific bedtime: sleep is very important, espeically for the little ones.  At the ages of 11-12, children need anywhere from 7-71/2 hours of sleep every night. Set a specific bedtime with your child and stick to that time everynight. Begin getting ready for bed about 30 minutes before the actual bed time.  This means turing off the TV, taking a bath or shower, brushing teeth, and night time reading.

    >Morning wake time: have your child get up at the same time every morning and with first time obedience.  This is something we will work on all year.


    Students will also be asked to complete a 40 book reading requirement in various genres. They are required to read 30 minutes EVERY DAY