Homebound Services

  • Homebound Students

    Students who are physically unable to attend school may be eligible for homebound services.   Homebound services are designed for temporary absences from school and medical documentation must be provided including the forms below.  

    The homebound teacher will provide assignments sent by the classroom teacher and work with the student during their visits.  Homebound services may be served at the home or another safe mutually agreed upon location.  

    The goal of the homebound program is to provide instruction such that the child will stay caught up with assignments and learning so that they can be successful once they are able to return to the classroom environment.  

    Homebound services should be used as a last resort and other options should be explored such as a reduced schedule or accommodations made within the school and/or classroom.  

    Once the forms are completed they should be sent to the Student Support Services Director.  They may be faxed to 252 514-6376 to speed up the process.  

    Basic Information Regarding Homebound

    Parent Agreement  to be signed and returned

    Parent Information Form to be signed and returned

    Release of Information to be signed and given to the physician

    Physician Form to be completed by the physician

    Counselor Form to be completed by the school counselor and sent to Student Services


    Medically Fragile Students

    Students who have a medical condition that will cause them to miss more days than are allowed by the school attendance policy, may be classified as medically fragile.  The form below would need to be completed by a doctor along with the Release of Information Form.   Both forms would be given to the school counselor who will submit them to the Director of Student Support Services.  

    Medically Fragile Physician Form


  • MIke Swain 

    Director of Student Services
    Mike Swain
    p: 252-514-6341
    f: 252-514-6376